Hello world!

Hello, world!
There’s no better title to start a blog about programming, and you don’t have to change the default title for the first post!

It seems yesterday the day I saw that phrase for the first time (I believe it was Basic, but who knows for sure), and I’ve seen languages and languages going by since then with the same phrase… Pascal, C, assembler, Visual Basic, C++, .NET (in some different flavors), PHP, Java, javascript (with some different esteroids…), Objective-C…
This blog is about the last one, Objective-C. This blog comes to fullfill the hole left by my engineering teachers who told me no word about other things that C. Surprisingly right now all those old languages has found their hole in Spain and can be learned everywhere (I born in the incorrect date or the incorrect place…). Time goes by, and now the old languages compete with the brilliant baby ones side by side. Babies comes saying “Hey, oldy, where do think you’re going, you don’t have even namespaces” while Objective-C and his band keeps saying… “Hey, dudes, beg you could still be here telling things like this thirty years from now…”.

You can always look back in time and check the old multilanguage static website/resume we’re leaving behind at http://pau.fazerbcn.org. It’s been lot of years and lot of projects in different scenarios.
I’ll post here my thinkings and news about Objective-C, and specifically when used in IOS devices, IOS programming blogging is a huge world where the biggest challenge is to choose the subject to talk about, hope you’ll like my digressions about this funny world, ¿do you think there’s place for “another IOS blog” on the Internet?


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