Vector images on Xcode 6

One of the new features of Xcode 6 is the capability to use vector instead of rasterised images. For some unknown reason, this has been done a little bit trickier than expected from the Apple people. here I will use the tabbar as example. The first thing that surprises anybody when creates a new project […]

Cisco IPSec VPN and native Mac support

This post is intented to be a merge of two of the technologies of my life. In one hand Cisco networking with the old IPSec VPN, and on the other hand OSX, which has been a good friend in my iOS development career. I was using Cisco anyconnect in the past (let’s say “the new” […]

CocoaPods on Xcode 6 and Yosemite

This post is for anybody with problems updating CocoaPods, and unable to run the current pod executable. Extracted from the CocoaPods GitHub Issues, find here the steps necessary to solve this problem and have a new brilliant pod executable working: 1. Open Xcode 6 2. Open Preferences (MenĂș Xcode-Preferences) 3. Click the Locations tab 4. […]

Hello world!

Hello, world! There’s no better title to start a blog about programming, and you don’t have to change the default title for the first post! It seems yesterday the day I saw that phrase for the first time (I believe it was Basic, but who knows for sure), and I’ve seen languages and languages going […]